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Tuesday 7 November 2023

Sheikh Al-Shazly Humaithara Marsaa Alam

The village of Sheikh Al-Shazly is one of the villages belonging to the city of Marsa Alam. It is located within the Eastern Desert and from the very famous villages in Egypt, since it is named after the Sheikh Al-Arif AlAllah Abulhassan Al-Shazly where the village used to be an important point on the pilgrimage to Makkah for the people of Morocco and North Africa. Where he passed and died and buried there Sheikh Abu Hassan AlShazly and has a shrine and a large shrine and known there .

Sheikh Al-Shazly Humaithara Marsaa Alam

The village and its small satellites such as Hafafit are inhabited by a number of tens of families. The production of ladies is currently considered semi-rare or rare due to the changing conditions of the economy and the movement and movement of most families from the disciples to the village of Sheikh Al-Shazly in the government resettlement units, Abadi previously traditional . 

However, the types of crafts made by some ladies were recorded during the previous years, including leather wicker industries for the work of small baskets and also leather bags of goat leathers, as well as the village of Hafeet belonging to Sheikh Shazly producing years of the finest types of wool natural wool of the flutes and camels where He was known for his distinctive geometric units associated with the Abadi and Sahrawi heritage .

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