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Saturday 28 October 2023

Shadwan island Hurghada Red Sea Egypt

Shadwan island Hurghada Red Sea Egypt

Shadwan (Egyptian Arabic: جزيرة شدوان) is a barren rocky island 30 miles southwest of the Egyptian city of Sharm el-Sheikh on the Sinai Peninsula and 20 miles northeast of El Gouna. It is the largest of a group of islands in the mouth of the Gulf of Suez in the northern Red Sea and measures 16 kilometres (9.9 mi) in length, and between 3 and 5 kilometres (1.9 and 3.1 mi) wide.[1] It was formerly also called Shaker Island and features a lighthouse. The island is famous as a touristic site for underwater diving and fishing.

Shadwan island Hurghada Red Sea Egypt

Tourist Activities Near Shadwan

Shadwan Island is famous for coral reefs. Many tourists visit it annually to enjoy the scenic view and practice diving and fishing. For the sake of marine beauty, trips head from Hurghada and Safaga to this island. However, the Egyptian government does not allow landing on this island or doing tourists activities on it.

Shadwan island Hurghada Red Sea Egypt

Shadwan Island is situated in the northern Red Sea. It is not far from Hurghada. This island is a popular destination for divers and snorkelers, with an abundance of coral formations and marine species. It’s also popular for its historic lighthouse, which adds to the island’s charm.

Shadwan island Hurghada Red Sea Egypt

Islands near Hurghada offer all kinds of fun and excitement. Take a day trip to Giftun Island for snorkeling and a fish barbecue, or view the Red Sea from a submarine! When you’re not in the sea you can shop in the boutiques, relax in the luxury holiday villages or visit the Roman Mons Porphyries (mountain of porphyry) remains at nearby Gebel Abu Dukhan (Father of Smoke). 

Shadwan island Hurghada Red Sea Egypt

Day-trips or safaris to explore the Red Sea Mountains by camel or jeep are also available. Other nearby islands and destinations include the Shadwan Island (Diving, snorkeling, fishing but no swimming), Shaab Abu Shiban (Diving, snorkeling and swimming), Shaab el-Erg (Diving, fishing and snorkeling), Umm Gammar Island (Diving and snorkeling), Shasb Saghir Umm Gammae (Diving), Careless Reef (Diving), Abu Ramada Island (Diving), Shaab Abu Ramada (Fishing), Dishet el-Dhaba (Beaches and swimming), Shaab Abu Hashish (Beaches, diving, snorkeling, swimming and fishing), Sharm el-Arab (Diving, swimming and fishing and Abu Minqar Island (Beaches and swimming).

The battle of Shadwan

The island witnessed a famous epic. The people of the Red Sea Governorate shared with the soldiers of the armed forces to withstand the occupation forces. Furthermore, historical information about the Battle of Shadwan indicates that the Israeli enemy forces launched a massive attack on the island by air and sea. They also attacked the homes of civilians who run the lighthouse. A small Egyptian sea and land thunderbolt guard the lighthouse, located south of the island. Despite the interception of Israeli planes by air and their “launch” by sea, the governorate’s people did not abandon their forces and delivered ammunition, supplies and weapons on fishing boats from Hurghada Beach to Shadwan Island.
Shadwan island Hurghada Red Sea Egypt

The battle of Shadwan began from January 22, 1970, until January 26. This battle took place on Shadwan Island at the entrance to the Gulf of Suez, 35 km from Hurghada, when the Israeli aggression tried to occupy Shadwan Island to respond to the successful and painful strikes of the Egyptian armed forces during the war Attrition.

Shadwan island Hurghada Red Sea Egypt

Accordingly, the army ordered the Thunderbolt men to prevent the enemy from occupying the island. The battle began with an aerial bombardment on the island for more than two hours. Next, on January 23, 1970, the air force attacked the enemy on the island and forced it to withdraw. This year is a national holiday for the Red Sea Governorate. Besides, Shadwan became the most valuable marine island for the people of the Red Sea.

Shadwan island Hurghada Red Sea Egypt

The Egyptian Thunderbolt members fought the Israeli Parachute Battalion bravely and caused heavy losses to the enemy forces. The Egyptian air defence units were able to shoot down two enemy planes, Mirage and Skyhawk, and the enemy kept advancing to storm the guard force positions in the south of the island. Moreover, they were asking the Egyptian force to surrender. Furthermore, despite the violent aerial bombardment, the Egyptian troops refused to surrender and fought valiantly and bravely. Then, the enemy continued its attempts to control the island and prevent the supply to the Egyptian soldiers through the sea. Still, they failed despite their numerical superiority, violent aerial bombardment, and many stores.

Diving near Shadwan Island

Shadwan Island is also the largest reef island in the Strait of Gobal, Shaker Island. In the northern part of the island, you will find a massive semi-vertical reef wall at a depth of more than 40 meters .

The current is usually moderate; its direction is from south to north. Therefore, divers go downstream to explore the cliff with drift snorkels. The reefs abound with coral and finfish, but a more extensive and more exciting selection is available for visitors regularly frequent the site. Divers often meet with whitefin reef sharks and reef sharks, the grey fin and hawksbill turtles, but most of all, the beautiful shoals of dolphins.

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