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Thursday 26 October 2023

Gubal Island Hurghada Red Sea Diving Site

Gubal Island Hurghada Red Sea Diving Site

Gubal Island Close to Tawila Island is Gubal Island, a popular snorkeling and diving spot due to the Straits of Gubal. The Straits of Gubal is where the water from the Gulf of Suez meets the Red Sea, leading to lots of nutrient-rich currents over shallow areas, which attracts tons of marine life. Besides the underwater action, Gubal also has pristine white beaches where you can set up BBQs and beach activities for the day.

Gubal Island Hurghada Red Sea Diving Site

Bluff point is a steep wall dive that follows the coastline. There are plenty of small passages and inlets in the rock that hides away a lot of marine life. The reef is full of glass fish, butterflyfish, crocodile fish and a flat-headed scorpionfish. The wreck itself isn't much to look at, but it serves as an attraction for marine life. 

Gubal Island is one of the most popular diving sites in Hurghada, located in the northern part of the Red Sea. The island offers a variety of dive spots, from shallow coral gardens to deep wrecks. The most famous wreck is the SS Thistlegorm, a British cargo ship that sank in 1941 after being bombed by German planes. The ship is now home to a rich marine life, including barracudas, snappers, groupers, and moray eels. Divers can also explore the nearby barge, which is covered with soft corals and sponges. Gubal Island is a great destination for divers of all levels, as it has something for everyone.

Gubal Island Hurghada Red Sea Diving Site

Gubal Island: An Underwater Paradise Red Sea

Gubal Island, located in the Red Sea near Hurghada, is a hidden gem for divers and snorkelers. This uninhabited island is renowned for its vibrant coral reefs, diverse marine life, and underwater exploration opportunities. Here's what you need to know about Gubal Island and why it's a must-visit destination for underwater enthusiasts.

Gubal Island Hurghada Red Sea Diving Site

Gubal Island is part of the Giftun Islands group, situated in the Red Sea. It's located approximately 30 kilometers (about 18.5 miles) north of Hurghada, one of Egypt's most popular resort towns along the Red Sea coast.
The channel through which ships pass into the Strait of Gubal – which is much wider than the Strait of Tiran – is flanked to the northeast by two outcrops, Beacon Rock and Shag Rock, both of which have beacons as well as the wrecks of the Dunraven and the Kingston respectively. To the southwest the channel is delimited by the southern tip of Shadwan Island (also known as Island on British maps), which also has a beson sited 15.2 miles from the one on Beacon Puck.

The southeastern section of the strait characterized by the presence of two massive, hats outcropping coral formations (called shaob Arabic) that create a coral reef, inside w is shallow lagoons with sandy floors: Shado Mahmud and Sha’ab Ali.

Diving and Snorkeling

The primary draw of Gubal Island is its exceptional underwater world. The island is surrounded by coral gardens, and the clear, warm waters provide excellent visibility, making it a haven for divers and snorkelers.

Gubal Island Hurghada Red Sea Diving Site

Diving around Gubal Island is accessible via boat from nearby dive centers in Hurghada or other Red Sea resort towns. Most dive operators offer day trips to the area, allowing divers to experience multiple dive sites around the island in a single outing.

Divers should note that the currents around Gubal Island can be strong and unpredictable, so it’s essential to have the proper training and equipment before diving. Many dive sites are suitable for divers of all levels, but some may require more experience or advanced certifications.

Snorkeling at Gubal Island offers a chance to explore the shallow reefs, where you can encounter a variety of marine life, including colorful coral, schools of fish, and the occasional sea turtle.

At the gate of the Straits of Gubal is ‘Bluff Point’, which gets its name from the turbulence created by strong currents that beat the eastern wall of the island. The wreck of the ‘Ulysses’ lies on the reef 300m north of the lighthouse, starting at 5m and sloping to 25m. ‘The Barge’ wreck, south of the lighthouse, provides divers with a fun and unusual night dive. The wrecks skeleton creates protection for all types of night creatures.

Gubal Island Hurghada Red Sea Diving Site

For certified divers, Gubal Island offers some fantastic dive sites, such as the "Barge" and the "Ulysses," both shipwrecks that are now covered in coral and teeming with marine creatures.

The island is also famous for encounters with pelagic species like barracuda, reef and dolphins.

Gubal Island Hurghada Red Sea Diving Site

Marine Life

The Red Sea is known for its rich marine biodiversity, and Gubal Island is no exception. Divers and snorkelers can spot a wide range of marine creatures, including parrotfish, angelfish, butterflyfish, and moray eels.

Gubal Island is an excellent place to observe hard and soft coral formations, which serve as a habitat for many of these species.

Gubal Island Hurghada Red Sea Diving Site


To reach Gubal Island, you can typically join a dive excursion or boat trip from Hurghada. Many dive centers and tour operators in Hurghada offer day trips to the island, which often include multiple dives or snorkeling sessions and lunch on board.

Conservation and Responsible Tourism

It's crucial to practice responsible tourism when visiting Gubal Island to protect its delicate marine ecosystems. Follow local guidelines, avoid touching or damaging coral, and refrain from feeding marine life.

Gubal Island Hurghada Red Sea Diving Site

Best Time to Visit Gubal Island 

The Red Sea offers excellent diving and snorkeling conditions year-round, but the best time to visit is typically from April to June and September to November when the weather and water conditions are most favorable.

Gubal Island in the Red Sea near Hurghada is a paradise for underwater enthusiasts, offering the opportunity to explore vibrant coral reefs, encounter diverse marine life, and dive among fascinating shipwrecks. Whether you're a seasoned diver or a snorkeling enthusiast, this hidden gem should be on your list of must-visit destinations for underwater adventures.

Gubal Island and its surrounding reefs are a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the beauty and diversity of the Red Sea’s underwater world. With its vibrant coral reefs, diverse marine life, and breathtaking topography, this area is a wonder of the underwater world and should not be missed. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or just starting, there’s something for everyone around Gubal Island.

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