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Sunday 12 May 2024

Sand City Museum Hurghada

Unveiling the Wonders of Magic Sand City Museum in Hurghada

Sand City Museum Hurghada One and only Open air and Sand Sculptures Museum in Africa and Middle East, Sand City Hurghada, made of 42 sculptures and 17 relief by artist from different countries who left a peace of hart and soul in their work.

Philip McCord created an amazing sand likeness of a drowned woman and her baby in 1897, and this is believed to be the first instance of artistic sand sculpture. Soon afterwards so many folks were fascinated by this unique art form that it became an actual business in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Here locals paid to watch sand artists who were creating large decorative sand castles and other masterpieces on the beaches. 
Sand City Museum Hurghada
In 1901, a writer by the name of Emory James wrote a rather lengthy article published in "The Strand Magazine" about a Professor Eugen Bormel, who was creating sand sculpture on the German coast at the North Sea summer resort town of Nordeney. He assures the reader that the good professor should not be classified with "the cheapjacks of the sands, who, for a hatful of coins and his bread and butter, deigns to display his artistic skill before the multitude." (Apparently Professor Bormel was renowned for donating all of his hard-earned pennies to charity.) His preferred subject matter - mermaids and renditions of the Sphinx - are still some of the favorite subjects of modern-day sand sculptors. The writer observes that the larger sculptures drew the most interest - something that has certainly not changed - and also rather dryly notes that "hair and lace effects are two things which the unskilled should leave alone."

Open-air museum featuring numerous historical & imaginative sand sculptures by global artists.
Sand City Museum Hurghada
An open air Museum is the only one in Africa and Middle East, bland of two different concepts. The first one Mythological Art, consist of 12 pieces 3D statues and 18 wall statues, represented legends, famous military leaders, characters one of the romances that change the world, Gods… The second part Wonderland Art, consist of 23 pieces of 3D statues of Walt Disney animated characters and 10 pieces of wall statues (tales telling stories).
Workshop is a space for children of all ages, place where they will have fun and learn how to make sand sculpture which complexity depends on their age.
Sand City Museum Hurghada
Some sand sculpture artists gathered from around the world to carve statues on the sand in the open air, but in a very specific and precise way that only a few people around the world recognize , allowing the statues carved on the sand to withstand harsh weather conditions such as strong winds, rain, or snow. 42 world-class sculptors from Russia, Germany, America, and Turkey participated in the process of carving figures within the Sand Museum, which took 7 months to finish and used 12,000 tonnes of sand and 15,000 tonnes of water.Magic Sand City Museum Hurghada
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