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Tuesday 12 December 2023

Tobia Island Hurghada Red Sea

Tobia Island  dive site  is located on the southern end of the equally named Island. Starting in a sandy lagoon, which is perfectly suited for course training, it soon opens into a coral reef dropping down to 25 - 30 meters.

Tobia Island Hurghada Red Sea

Tobia Island and Safaga Island are two islands located south of Soma Bay. Tobia Island is a small sandy island that is often visited during the day. It is surrounded by a turquoise lagoon and is frequently called Sandy Island. There are some genuinely nice dive sites around the island. Safaga Island is much bigger. The dive sites are on the northeastern part. The underwater relief is rich and varied, the fauna abundant. The snorkeling is fantastic.

Tobia Island Hurghada Red Sea

Diving at Tobia island Red Sea

Tobia Arba 

The most impressive site. These are 7 rocky pillars that lie 12m deep. You will walk around and above these rocks admiring sometimes minor faults, sometimes caves and acropora tables. We notice an abundance of fauna: moray eels, scorpionfish, butterflyfish, stingrays, snappers, angelfish, clownfish, and even napoleons roam around to the delight of divers. The show is permanent, and diving is accessible to all.

Tobia Island Hurghada Red Sea

Tobia Hamra

Further south divided into 2 zones, is a 2 km long reef. There again it is a vast coral garden where one can observe beautiful tables of acropora inhabited by a multitude of small fish. Further south, the slope becomes steeper with sandy bottoms. The coral is always exquisite, and the turtles, wrasses, and wrasse are visible in large numbers.

Tobia Island Hurghada Red Sea

Tobia Kebir 

Tobia Kebir is in the island’s east. It is a long reef bathing in calm waters, ideal for beginners. Underwater life is abundant: coachman fish, wrasse, angelfish, emperor fish. At 10 m, do not miss the small cave inhabited by “glassfish”.

Tobia Island Hurghada Red Sea

Tobia Soraya 

Tobia Soraya  is a large reef made up of coral pillars in a row, placed on a sandy bottom. No need to dive deep if you want to see stingrays, clownfish, trevally, or even crocodile fish. There are also many shallow tunnels, and the impressive play of light will sublimate the walk between these pillars on this site.

Tobia Island Hurghada Red Sea

Gamul Soraya 

Gamul Soraya is a superb site where wildlife abounds. We observe a large reef surrounded by small peaks which are placed on a sandy bottom. Schools of sweetlips, stingrays, and parrotfish roam amid schools of barracudas, snappers, and anthias.

Gamul Soraya is a very colorful dive site with an abundance of schooling reef fish, including butterfly fish, baner fish and much more. Diving here is done around a large coral mountain, it will take you half an hour to dive all the way to the mountain. On the northeast side there are a number of smaller towers, covered with beautiful coral. The sandy bottom is home to a group of pipe eels. Gamul Soraya is also the perfect place for a night dive.

Tobia Island Hurghada Red Sea

Gamul Kebir

Gamul Kebir a little further south, is another quality dive. It is a large reef that surrounds a small lagoon. All around, the spectacle is permanent, there is a sandy area with garden eels and abundant fauna: many barracudas, wrasse, eagle rays, white tip sharks, schools of snappers, and dugongs have been seen on this site.

Gamul Kebir means 'big and beautiful' in Dutch. It is located on the northeast side of Safaga Island. It is a U-shaped reef, which offers some shelter in strong winds and high waves. Permanent residents here are rays and barracudas. On the sandy bottom you will also find pipe eels and seahorses living between the eelgrass. The dive site consists of 5 coral towers in the north (very) and is interesting up to a depth of about 15 meters.Gamul Kebir is only accessible by boat.

Tobia Island Hurghada Red Sea

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