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Tuesday 26 December 2023

Solymar Soma Beach Hotel Soma Bay

Solymar Soma Beach Hotel Soma Bay 

Whether your perfect holiday is all about adventure, leisure, or both — Solymar Soma Beach in Safaga is the ideal seaside escape. The hotel is nestled on one of the Red Sea’s widest stretches of white sandy beaches. 

Solymar Soma Beach Hotel Soma Bay

The silver sands and turquoise waters make Soma Beach a terrific spot to vacation, where boccia is enjoyed. Strolling through the hotel, you’d find two swimming pools; one of which is heated during winter, and another with a kid’s pool with 2 slides. Everyone would enjoy the prestigious restaurants that consist of 5 international cuisines. 

Solymar Soma Beach Hotel Soma Bay

For people who enjoy the nightlife, it is essential to visit our 6 bars. Because Solymar Soma Beach strives to offer ultimate comfort and luxury, we also provide a reputable beauty salon and spa with countless treatments. Thrilling events will be presented by the animation team, their programs include a wide range of activities. The animations team programs include shows in the amphitheater where they perform live music, dancing, and folklore shows that are performed regularly. 

Solymar Soma Beach Hotel Soma Bay

The hotel is situated just a short ten minutes’ drive away from Safaga city center, and is 49 minutes by road from Hurghada. A terrific location for water sports such as kite-surfing centers, wind-surfing and diving centers, this is a once in a lifetime holiday experience for those who enjoy a seamless blend of adrenaline and chill.

What Distinguishes Our Resort? 

Reasons To Visit 

●        Private Beach Access 

●        Mivida Spa offers a fantastic array of treatments and therapies 

●        Beauty salon 

●        Five international cuisine restaurants 

●        Six bars 

●        Two Swimming Pools (one heated during winter) 

●        Kitesurfing and windsurfing centers 

●        Diving and watersports centers 

●        Kids Club & Playground and a Kids Pool with two slides 

●        Culture and Entertainment at the Amphitheatre 

●        Live music and bands 

●        Animations team programs

Sand & Sea 

This is one of the loveliest stretches of coast along the Red Sea shoreline. Soft, sandy beach, brilliant sunshine and clear blue water make this an idyllic beach vacation. The region is also home to a magnificent marine creatures and an unparalleled underwater life.

Solymar Soma Beach Hotel Soma Bay

Dive Centre & Watersports 

We have a fully equipped dive centre and water-sports facility so that you can get. Kitted out for your excursions above or under water! From snorkelling and diving to windsurfing and kitesurfing, there’s something for everyone.

Gastronomy Redefined 

With multiple outlets featuring a variety of international cuisine from around the world, food is a major anchor to the holiday experience at Solymar Soma Beach resort.

Solymar Soma Beach Hotel Soma Bay


Whether it’s breakfast or dinner, Oasis is the place to find a variety of international delicacies crafted to perfection, served in buffet style.

Solymar Soma Beach Hotel Soma Bay

The Lounge, Lobby Bar 

The Lounge is the perfect place to enjoy a quiet book in a cozy nook, or a tete-a-tete with friends, while you sip on a refreshing drink or an alcoholic beverage.

Solymar Soma Beach Hotel Soma Bay

Remal, Beach Restaurant 

Chill out with an iced drink in your hand, or indulge in a tasty nibble as you soak up the sun, sand and surf at Remal, our beach restaurant.

Solymar Soma Beach Hotel Soma Bay

Savour the delightful flavours of the orient during a delicious dinner at Fayrouz. Authentic and delicious, our recipes reflect the entire spectrum of cuisine from North Africa and the Middle East, using the freshest ingredients and fragrant spices. Please note that Fayrouz is only open for dinner.

Solymar Soma Beach Hotel Soma Bay


Italian home-cooking in a warm, relaxed setting is the perfect way to enjoy a leisurely dinner with your travel companions. Enjoy our signature hand-made pasta, made fresh using traditional techniques and ingredients, that makes it melt in your mouth. Please note that Olivo is only open for dinner.

Solymar Soma Beach Hotel Soma Bay

Waves, Beach Bar 

Imbibe in a cocktail and a delicious meal as you look out over the horizon. Soothing and serene, a meal at Waves is a recipe for relaxation.

Solymar Soma Beach Hotel Soma Bay

Shisha Corner 

Indulge in a taste of Egypt as you enjoy a relaxed smoke with a fragrant shisha in the flavour of your choice.

Solymar Soma Beach Hotel Soma Bay

Aqua, Pool Snacks 

Relax in a casual ambience by the pool and enjoy a light snack, a cool drink or a fruity cocktail.

Solymar Soma Beach Hotel Soma Bay

Pool Bar 

Lounge by the pool and soak up the sun, with a refreshing drink and a light bite from our pool bar.

Solymar Soma Beach Hotel Soma Bay

Circle Bar 

Whether you would like to take a breather, sit back and sip on your choice of drink or mingle with friends over a pitcher, Circle bar is there for you all night long.

Solymar Soma Beach Hotel Soma Bay


“Mividaspa” is Jaz Hotels, Resorts & Cruises signature spa brand - a growing collection of breathtakingly beautiful spas that offer more than 70,000 hours of exceptional treatments, services and fitness.The first hotels to welcome the newly Mividaspa 

Mivida Spa Solymar Soma Beach Hotel Soma Bay

Mivida Spa” offers numerous relaxing treatments that refresh the body, soothes the mind and cleanse the soul. 

Feel like old Egyptian royalties experiencing the “Egyptian Herbal Treatment”, or delve into one of our exotic treatments from around the world such as the “Bamboo Massage”.At Jaz Hotels & Resorts world ultimate spas, we honor the essence of serenity and well – being.

Mivida Spa

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