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Friday 6 October 2023

Elphinstone Reef Dive Resort Marsa Alam

Elphinstone Reef Dive Resort Marsa Alam

Exploring the Wonders of Elphinstone Reef in Marsa Alam

Elphinstone Reef, a world-renowned underwater paradise, is one of the jewels of the Marsa Alam region in Egypt. Situated in the Red Sea, this remarkable dive site beckons adventurers and marine enthusiasts with its breathtaking coral formations, diverse marine life, and intriguing history. In this guide, we will dive into the depths of Elphinstone Reef, uncovering its captivating features and why it's a must-visit destination for divers and snorkelers from around the world.

Elphinstone Reef Dive Resort Marsa Alam

Location and Accessibility

Elphinstone Reef is located approximately 20 kilometers offshore from Marsa Alam, making it accessible by boat. Marsa Alam International Airport is the primary gateway to this underwater wonderland. From the airport, a short transfer to the nearby marina will take you to the reef. The reef's remoteness and pristine condition add to its allure, as it remains relatively untouched by mass tourism.

Elphinstone Reef Dive Resort Marsa Alam

Underwater Paradise

Elphinstone Reef is often described as a "must-dive" destination, and it's not hard to understand why. The reef, which is part of the Red Sea's vibrant ecosystem, offers an incredible underwater experience for divers and snorkelers alike.

Elphinstone Reef Dive Resort Marsa Alam

Coral Gardens: 

The reef is adorned with stunning coral gardens, teeming with life and color. Divers will be awestruck by the intricate formations of hard and soft corals that provide shelter to an astonishing variety of marine creatures.

Elphinstone Reef Dive Resort Marsa Alam

Marine Life:

Elphinstone Reef is a bustling metropolis for marine life. Divers may encounter an array of species, from graceful reef sharks to playful dolphins, and from elegant sea turtles to schools of vibrant fish. The reef is also known for seasonal encounters with the majestic oceanic whitetip sharks, which have made Elphinstone a favorite spot for shark enthusiasts.

Elphinstone Reef Dive Resort Marsa Alam

Drop-offs and Caves:

The reef's topography is equally captivating. Divers can explore dramatic drop-offs that plunge into the depths of the sea, as well as underwater caves and crevices. The infamous north plateau is one such site, where experienced divers can witness the marine world's most intriguing residents.

Challenging Yet Rewarding Dives

While Elphinstone Reef offers incredible diving opportunities, it's worth noting that it's considered an advanced dive site. The reef's currents can be strong and unpredictable, making it necessary for divers to have a certain level of experience. It's advisable to dive with a reputable dive operator who knows the area well and can ensure safety.

Protecting Elphinstone Reef

As a popular dive destination, Elphinstone Reef faces the challenges of conservation. Responsible diving practices, such as respecting the marine environment and following the guidelines of local marine protected areas, are essential to preserve the reef's beauty for generations to come. Many dive operators in the region emphasize the importance of sustainable and eco-friendly diving.

Elphinstone Reef in Marsa Alam is a true gem of the Red Sea, offering an unparalleled underwater adventure. Whether you're a seasoned diver seeking thrilling encounters with sharks or a snorkeler looking to immerse yourself in a vibrant coral kingdom, Elphinstone Reef has something extraordinary to offer. Its historical significance, rich marine life, and stunning coral formations make it a destination that's bound to leave a lasting impression on anyone fortunate enough to explore its depths.

Port Ghalib

Port Ghalib is a great location for both learners and experienced divers, with a range of trips from shallow wrecks and bays to the world-class Elphinstone. Located at the new Port Ghalib Marina City complex, Emperor Divers offers the most convenient service available in the Port Ghalib area.

Elphinstone Reef

Elphinstone is a 375m long, off-shore reef with drop-offs descending to over 100m. Elphinstone is ranked among the top ten dive sites in the world. The site features an abundance of soft corals and almost every kind of sea life can be seen here. The reef is angled slightly to the north, which causes a constant current over the northern and southern plateaus. These plateaus are an ideal location to catch a glimpse of different shark species like Oceanic White Tip, Scalloped Hammerhead, Whit Tip Reef, Grey Reef, Silver Tip and Thresher Sharks. Elphinstone features Oceanic White Tip from Sept till Nov, Scalloped Hammerhead from June till Aug and Mantas during March and April.Elphinstone is a 375m long, off-shore reef with drop-offs descending to over 100m. 

Elphinstone Reef Dive Resort Marsa Alam

Elphinstone Reef Dive Resort Marsa Alam

Featuring a private beach, Blend Elphistone Resort Marsa Alam is located in the south of the Red Sea. It offers 4 outdoor pools, a diving center and a gym.

The buffet-style, Fenti Restaurant serves international cuisine. Bella Ciao Restaurant and Bar offers authentic Italian pizza and drinks. Sofra Restaurant offers oriantel grill cuisine. Tea, coffee, cocktails are served at Omar El Shrief Bar, Sunshine Bar, and Bella Ciao Bar.

Guests can enjoy an energizing workout and rejuvenating massages at the gym. Diving, snorkeling and canoeing are all sports available on site. Coco Loco Discotheque plays music all night.

Blend Elphistone Resort Marsa Alam is 25 km north of Marsa Alam City and 37 km south of Marina. Marsa Alam International Airport is a 30-minute drive from the hotel. A Taxi service from Airport is available upon request with against fee.

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