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Friday 22 September 2023

Iberotel Costa Mares Hotel Marsa Alam

Iberotel Costa Mares Hotel Marsa Alam

Miles of sandy shore, Incredible marine life. Iberotel Costa Mares is an idyllic retreat by the sea. Situated in the resort town of Marsa Mares, the area is particularly known as one of the best spots on the coast to see green sea turtles and dugongs. A lovely laid-back ambience, combined with top-notch service, culinary excellence and extensive facilities, add to its appeal. 

Iberotel Costa Mares Hotel Marsa Alam

Iberotel Costa Mares is 13 kilometers away from Coraya Bay, just 8 Kilometers away from the Marsa Alam International Airport, Accommodation comprises 208 guest rooms designated for your comfort and utmost easement. Rooms overlook the stunning beach, giving you the ideal dreamy getaway, you’ve been looking for. Rooms come in various sizes, in the form of deluxe rooms and luxury suites. 

Iberotel Costa Mares Hotel Marsa Alam

Iberotel Costa Mares boasts five astonishing restaurants and bars. Iberotel Costa Mares is the ideal location for leisure and recreation with its white sandy beach. This one is for all water enthusiasts; our resort offers access to a natural protectorate that enables guests to perceive Egypt’s unique underwater beauty by diving or snorkeling into the deep blue with green sea turtles and dugongs.

Reasons to visit Iberotel Costa Mares :

Iberotel Costa Mares is an enchanting seaside escape. Clean lines and contemporary elegance juxtaposed against a stunning seashore and beautiful views of the water. A private jetty is the highlight that makes this resort so special. The resort has a family-friendly atmosphere and our Kids Club is a highlight for young ones.

Iberotel Costa Mares Hotel Marsa Alam

●        Private beach access 

●        Private jetty (available from January 2022 onwards) 

●        Yoga and massage therapy 

●        Gym, jogging track and aerobics 

●        Diving and snorkeling center 

●        Astounding location

Beach & Sea

The beach at Iberotel Costa Mares is soft and sandy underfoot, stretching for miles as far as the eye can see. Bright sunshine, warm water and a soft sea breeze create an ideal beach vibe that makes it so special. Watch the sun set over the horizon, dip your toes in the water, or laze around in the sand. Simply idyllic.

Iberotel Costa Mares Hotel Marsa Alam

Snorkel & Dive 

The reef in Marsa Mares is quite unique and has several species that can only be seen here. It is one of the best known places to spot green sea turtles and the elusive dugongs! 

Appetizing & Enticing 

The cuisine is a mainstay during your time with us at the Iberotel Costa Mares. Exquisite tastes, delicious recipes and cooking techniques from all over the world, make dining at our resort an experience.

Iberotel Costa Mares Hotel Marsa Alam

Sands, Beach Restaurant 

An elegant ambience and a refined a la carte menu are accompanied by sweeping vistas of Marsa Mares Bay.


Cozy, spacious indoor area perfect for groups and families. The main sit-down restaurant welcomes guests with marvelous food and vibrant feels. It is also ideal for casual dining and drinks.

Iberotel Costa Mares Hotel Marsa Alam

Sands, Beach Bar

Soak up the holiday vibe over a late breakfast, a light snack or a cocktail or two as you kick back and relax at the beach.

Anchor, Pool Bar 

Chill out by the pool with an iced drink or a cool ice-cream, while you laze in a deckchair and soak up the sun.

Lotus, Lobby Bar 

Soak in the surrounding beauty as you sip in your favorite drink. The terrace is the perfect spot for quick banter, a warm catching-up session, or even some quality time to unwind.

Sky Bar 

Perched at a height, enjoy stunning aerial views of the beach and the sea as you sip on a refreshing cocktail.

Iberotel Costa Mares Hotel Marsa Alam

Comfortable Elegant

Chic, sleek and contemporary the interiors at Iberotel Costa Mares evoke a distinctive style and modern sophistication. Open space, clean lines, light colours and lots of natural light make the 208 rooms at our resort a pleasure to stay in. Spacious balconies and terraces with seating allow you to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the beauty of the landscape that surrounds you.

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