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Friday 30 June 2023

Bay West Viilas Soma Bay Hurghada Red Sea

Located on Somabay’s west coast, Bay west is the perfect idyllic residential project. Renowned for its soothing architecture, picturesque surroundings and tranquil sea which guarantees an impeccable stress free environment for you and your family.

Property Types in Bay West Somabay

Bay West Somabay boasts a collection of villas varying between standalone villas, twin villas and townhouses. That comes with different sizes, layouts, designs and price rates to accommodate all needs and preferences.

Bay West  Viilas Soma Bay Hurghada Red Sea

The selection of wood and stone in Bay west’s architecture coupled with the seamless blend of modern and contemporary styles truly created a timeless look that has been painstakingly designed to embody luxury and comfort. The spectrum of colors used were inspired by Mother Nature herself. Every color you see outside – everything from dark brown tree bark to the greenest of grass- has been chosen to enrich your lives by bringing the natural goodness of earth into your homes.

Bay West  Viilas Soma Bay Hurghada Red Sea

is a ten million square meter resort peninsula on Egypt’s Red Sea coast, designed to celebrate the best elements of the sun and sea. This self-contained resort paradise is encompassed by endless sandy beaches to the south and magical coral reefs to the north.

Bay West  Viilas Soma Bay Hurghada Red Sea

Soma bay hosts a natural landscape accented by its diverse hotels, residential properties, golf course, thalasso spa, and water sports center. The peninsula is blessed with dry desert winds and low humidity. winters are temperate with daytime temperatures averaging into the low to mid 20 C while the summer averages 30 C.

Bay West  Viilas Soma Bay Hurghada Red Sea

Bay West  Viilas Soma Bay Hurghada Red Sea

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