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Thursday 29 June 2023

ARC Of Soma Bay Hurghada Luxurious Sea Front Suites

ARC Of Soma Bay Hurghada Red Sea 

Glistening on an idyllic peninsula under the Red Sea’s year-round sun, Somabay is a paradise getaway famed for its clear sapphire waters, white sandy beaches and intricate tapestry of coral reefs, upping its exclusivity factor by mere topography

ARC Of Soma Bay Hurghada Luxurious Sea Front Suites

Home to 5 luxury resort hotels and a signature portfolio of residential properties, Somabay’s one-of-a-kind settings with its full complement of premium amenities are the stage for incomparable experiences alongside friends and family.

Nestled on 10 million square meters of lush land, life at Somabay is where fantasy-scapes follow you wherever you go and sun drenched activities take infinite elevating forms.

Step into a flowing reality where modern modular architecture proudly stands in absolute harmony with natural surroundings to invite panoramic beauty into every home. Arc of Soma Golf Edition Residential Suites is a contemporary interpretation of exclusive living by the sea where impressive aesthetics seamlessly blend with breathtaking views to re-define the exceptional in every form. Crowning the tip of Somabay’s peninsula, your life at Arc of Soma Golf Suites is a signature invitation to connect with uninterrupted nature while marveling in endless blue wherever you turn — thanks to a prime location that places your life at the intersection of tranquility and water-filled memories.

ARC Of Soma Bay Hurghada Luxurious Sea Front Suites

Arc of Soma Golf Edition Residential Suites is expertly nestled at the tip of Somabay’s peninsula, setting it as a unique sanctuary of calm where clear blue skies meet the open sea. The project’s unrivaled location allows residents to forge an exclusive connection with virgin nature while enjoying contemporary living, thanks to modular designs that invite the outdoors inside.

Up close, the contemporary modular design lends each building its aesthetically pleasing appeal to carve new standards in world-class elegance by the sea. Designed with nature and modern-day functionality in mind, Arc of Soma Golf Edition Residential Suites boast sleek glass facades that open onto infinite sea views while enjoying a staggered alchemy to ensure utmost privacy for all residents alike.

ARC Of Soma Bay Hurghada Luxurious Sea Front Suites

Start your day by teeing off at Somabay Championship Golf Course then unwind at the award winning Cascades Spa and Thalasso and allow the healing powers of the Red Sea to restore balance to your body and soul.

For the more adventurous, ORCA Dive Centre invites you to uncover the untapped wonders of Egypt’s marine life at the site’s colorful House Reef. Kite surfing lovers can spend a serene afternoon gliding across flat waters at 7Bft —one of the top 3 kite surfing spots in the world- followed by a world-class dining experience at any of the destination’s signature restaurants.

Blessed with dry desert winds, low humidity and a front-row seat on immaculate sea views, Somabay dictates an exciting itinerary for the whole family, transforming your everyday reality into a waking dream.

ARC Of Soma Bay Hurghada Red Sea

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