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Saturday 18 February 2023

Hurghada Bird Watching in Hurghada Red Sea

Hurghada Bird Watching in Hurghada 

Hurghada, commonly celebrated for its stunning beaches and vibrant coral reefs, also offers a unique and thrilling experience for bird watchers. Its strategic location along the Red Sea coast makes it a critical stopover for migratory birds, and the diversity of its ecosystems provides a habitat for a variety of avian species. This article will delve deep into the world of bird watching in Hurghada, exploring the best times to visit, the top spots for birding, and tips on how to make the most of your bird watching experience.

Bird Watching in Hurghada

Hurghada's geographical position places it on the migratory path between Europe, Asia, and Africa, making it an ideal location for observing an eclectic mix of bird species. From waders to raptors, the diversity is staggering. Each year, as the seasons change, so does the variety of birds that can be spotted in and around Hurghada.

Understanding Bird Migration

Migration is a fascinating part of bird behavior. Birds migrate to exploit seasonal food supplies, better breeding locations, and favorable climatic conditions.

Hurghada experiences two major migration seasons:

- Spring Migration (March to May): Birds return from their wintering grounds in Africa to their breeding grounds in Europe and Asia.

- Autumn Migration (August to November)**: Birds head south from Europe and Asia to Africa to escape the northern winter.

During these periods, the skies and shores of Hurghada become a stage for this magnificent natural spectacle.

Prime Bird Watching Locations in Hurghada

To truly appreciate Hurghada's bird life, knowing where to go is crucial. Here are some top spots:

- Giftun Island: A significant site for migratory birds, this island is a resting and refueling spot for many species.

- Mangroovy Beach: Famous for its mangroves, this area attracts a variety of birds who thrive in such environments.

- Sand City: While not a natural area, the open fields around Sand City often attract birds like wheatears and larks.

- Desert Areas Around Hurghada: These areas can be great for spotting desert species and birds of prey.

Species Spotlight

Some notable species that can be observed in Hurghada include:

- Osprey: Often seen during migration, they are particularly noticeable around the Red Sea.

- White-eyed Gull: Unique to the Red Sea area, this gull is a significant draw for bird watchers.

- Sooty Falcon: A rare bird of prey, best seen during the migration months.

- Reed Warblers and Wheatears**: Common during migrations, these birds often appear in large numbers.

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